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CreaStone Betongießmasse 1 kg
Creartec Artidee 56071, Can

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Article number: 530-56071
EAN: 4025765036244
Manufacturer: Artidee
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Available stock: 6

CreaStone Betongießmasse 1 kg

Creartec Artidee 56071, Can

Product Information

Creastone is an innovative and non-toxic concrete casting compound that is ideal for creating bowls, flower pots, decorations and more. When directly filled into a cast without a primer, the resulting surface will show a slightly shiny finish with small characteristic concrete holes. For a smooth surface, simply apply mould release wax or oil, e.g. sunflower-oil) to the cast before adding the concrete after about 15 - 20 minutes. Allow 2 - 3 days of drying time before detaching the product from its cast and then another 1 - 2 days until it is fully dry and can be processed further (e.g. painted).


  • Concrete Casting Compound
  • Manufacturer: Creartec Artidee
  • Drying time: 2-3 days plus 1-2 days post-drying
  • when fully dry, paint or varnish can be applied

Hazard Label: GHS07

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