8x Rigid Foam XPS fine, Savings Package
ca. 8 x 30 x 40 cm, silver-grey

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Rigid foam XPS fine, 8pcs economy pack

approx. 8 x 28 x 40 cm, silver gray

  • Side edges with fold

Product information

Polystyrene rigid foam is the ideal material for architectural model making, whether it is a working model, a competition entry, a creative shape or a cube, the material is quick to work with and easy to shape. With a hot wire cutter, e.g. the Proxxon Thermocut, it is clean and fast, with a file and a fine sandpaper creative shaping is also possible.

Solvent-free adhesives are suitable for gluing, on the one hand the special rigid foam adhesives such as Elefantenkleber-Styropor® or UHUpor, but of course also all corresponding craft adhesives. White glues are also possible to a certain extent, but it is important that the rigid foam is glued to an absorbent material such as cardboard so that the glue can dry. For painting, it is also important to use suitable paints, many spray cans from the hardware store are too aggressive and quickly dissolve the fine structure of the foam. With specially designated styrofoam-resistant paint series such as Marabu color paint or Ghiant paints, you can spray directly onto the foam. For use with other spray paints, there are styrofoam primers that form a protective layer and protect the model from damage. Ideally suited are all water-soluble acrylic paints from the artist's supply, due to the high pigment content, these colors cover very quickly, which compensates for the increased time required for brushing on.

The rigid foam is also a great material for advertising, it can be used to cut out very good large letters for lettering or logos.

Item details:

  • Material: foamed polystyrene
  • ideal material for architectural model making
  • use solvent-free adhesives for gluing

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