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Evergreen Polystyrene Sheet Clear 2 pcs.
No. 9007, 0,40 mm Thick, Size 15 x 30 cm

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Article number: 299-9007
EAN: 787026090078
Manufacturer: Evergreen
Basic price: 109.00 € / m²


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Available stock: 82

Evergreen Polystyrene Sheet Clear 2 pcs.

No. 9007, 0,40 mm Thick, Size 15 x 30 cm

Evergreen Scale Models

The US-manufacturer Evergreen offers a vast range of polystyrene products including strips (StripStyrene), rods, tubes, columns and sheets (SheetStyrene). The stability, durability and flexibility ensure excellent material properties for railroad-, plastic-, architectural models and more.

Material and Surface

The Evergreen Polystyrene is of very high quality and known for its white, smooth surface, formability and durability. When produced, the strips and tubes are sawed resp. milled, creating sharp and clean edges. Round rods and -tubes, however, are pulled due to their desired final form and therefore less sharp-edged.


Evergreen Polystyrene can be easily treated and cut with a fine saw. When using a hot air gun, the material becomes formable and can be individually shaped. Adhesives for plastic and other contact adhesives containing solvents create strong and reliable glue joints on the polystyrene. Applying varnish is recommended to prevent dust attraction.

Evergreen Strips (StripStyrene)

This product line offers a great variety of polystyrene strips and rods, including circular rods, semi-circular rods, tubes and strips as well as H-Profiles, I-Profiles, L-Profiles, U-Profiles and T-Profiles. The standard length is 355 mm (14"). Selected products are available as 610 mm (28") version.

Evergreen Polystyrene Sheets and Structure Plates (SheetStyrene)

Available with smooth surface or structure. Multifunctional and therefore ideal for creative work such as model-making. Sheets can be used as e.g. tiles, sidewalks, cladding and more.


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Color: white
  • excellent hot formability
  • good adhesive properties
  • easy bonding with adhesives for plastic
  • numerous application possibilities
  • vast range of products in different dimensions
  • special series for H0-, 0-, and N-Scale
  • popular architectural model making material

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