Model Color: Wood & Leather Set (8)
Vallejo acrylic paint

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Model Color Set: Wood & Leather

Vallejo Acrylic Colors - Set of 8

Shades included:

  • 70.847 Dark Sand
  • t
  • 70.923 Japanese Uniform WWII
  • t
  • 70.981 Orange Brown
  • t
  • 70.983 Terra Brown Light
  • t
  • 70.872 Chocolate Brown
  • t
  • 70.828 Wood Fiber
  • t
  • 70.939 Steam
  • t
  • 70.950 Signal Black
  • t

Product information

Available in 218 permanent colors, highly pigmented and specially formulated for modeling and miniatures. Model Color is supplied in 17 ml vials with drop counter.

Model Color are opaque and highly pigmented water-based acrylic paints specially formulated for use with brushes on models and miniatures made of plastic or metal. The colors have high opacity and spread on the surface without obscuring details of the miniatures. All colors can be mixed together and dry quickly to a matte finish without leaving brush marks. The colors can be thinned with water or with Vallejo Thinner (70.524). For use with an airbrush, it is recommended to thin the colors in a 1/1 ratio with Airbrush Thinner (71.261). Any mistakes can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol. When the paint is completely dry, it is permanent and waterproof. The color palette includes a selection of military shades with assignments to RAL, RLM and Federal Standard, as well as metallic, transparent and fluorescent colors. The Model Color Transparent paints dry glossy and allow the painted substrate to shine through, they are used undiluted for window panes, lanterns, spotlights, etc. and become even more glossier and more transparent. By adding Matt Medium (540), on the other hand, a matt transparency can be achieved.

Painting agents:

A number of painting agents can change the properties of the colors. Glaze Medium thins the paint and delays the drying time; it is perfect for blending and in use with pigments. Metallic Medium gives the colors a pearlescent or metallic effect, while Crackle or Chipping Medium, applied between two layers of Model Color, causes the top coat to develop cracks and fissures.


Model Color varnishes can be applied with a brush or an airbrush. They dry quickly and are not affected by humidity (no tack). Once protected by the varnish, the colors also resist applications of oil paints, varnishes and solvents.


Model Color is manufactured in compliance with European safety regulations and has the ASTM D-4236 safety certificate: a guarantee that no harmful substances are used that could pose a risk to the health of the user or the environment.

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