Oxidising Agent blue green / turqouise
Creartec Artidee 1860735, 250 ml Bottle

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Oxidation medium blue-green / green track effect

Creartec Artidee 1860735, 250 ml bottle

Product information

Surfaces pretreated with Creartec Iron or Metal Primer are thinly coated with oxidation medium. A short time later, the first discolorations already become visible. The combination of primer and oxidation medium produces a large number of different effects. Oxidation medium can also be used on Creartec sheet metals and many other metals. Many tips can be found in the "Metal oxidation" instruction booklet. The color effect may vary slightly depending on the substrate, application quantity and exposure time. Stir thoroughly before use!

Hazard symbols: GHS07 GHS09

Product Information

The Oxidising Agent is used on surfaces that have been treated with Iron- or Metal Primer. About 8 - 10 hours after the thin coat of the fluid has been applied, sensational oxidation effects are visible. To prevent further oxidation, simply apply a metal varnish.

Hazard Labels: GHS07 GHS09


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