Rose effect solution 118 ml
Effect solution for base color

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Rose effect solution 118 ml

Effect solution for base color

Product information

Modern Options is considered a revolution in the field of patination for almost all substrates, such as plaster, ceramics, metal, cardboard or for the wall. Ideal for artistic work, interior design or model making. The base color "Iron Primer" contains fine metal powder, which is oxidized with the corresponding "Effect Solution". The two components make it easy to represent real rust surfaces on a wide variety of substrates.

Item details

  • 118 milliliter effect solution
  • yield: approx. 40 ml/m² depending on the substrate
  • for the rust effect, iron primer and base color are needed in a ratio of 1:1
  • suitable for interior and exterior
  • reaction time: several hours, depending on weather conditions


The substrate to be treated must not be absorbent, pre-priming or painting wood, cardboard, gypsum and plaster so that the effect solution does not soak into the substrate before the rust effect can develop. Paint metal surfaces well so that the resulting real rust does not attack the substrate.

For a homogeneous rust effect, mix the two components in a ratio of 1:1 and apply. The resulting rust is uniform due to the good mixing.

For irregular rust effects, first apply the primer/base color and allow to dry. The effect solution can then be applied with a sponge, brush or spray bottle. Depending on the type of application, various effects can be achieved. The effects can be reworked by applying the effect solution several times.

For a coarser representation of rust, the base color can be mixed with coffee grounds or bird sand and applied with a spatula. After drying, saturate with effect solution. The result resembles an old rusty sheet metal with rust pustules.

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